Outdoor Education

YMCA Camp Willson Outdoor Education

Teacher Quotes

“We have been coming to Camp Willson for 14 years.  The teachers and parents look forward to the experience as much as the students do.  The 4 core values that YMCA Camp Willson stresses to all campers is priceless.  The enthusiastic naturalists always offer a great mix of classes which allow the students many hands-on learning activities to engage their minds and bodies.  I personally love how the students can see the teachers in a different light, which strengthens our relationships with them and our teaching staff.  Along with all the classes, the evening programs are fabulous.  Square Dancing, Dutch Auction, Campfire and Eco Dramas have always been favorites with our students and teachers.  I’m already looking forward to camp next year!  Thanks Camp Willson Staff for 14 memorable years!”

“Camp Willson is such a unique opportunity for the kids to experience things they would NEVER be able to get from a classroom. I look forward to Camp every year because it builds our team up.  Students and teachers are able to build a rapport that is nearly impossible to gain without the activities set up by the staff.  Even simple things like manners and the 4 core values are implemented in a way that the kids respond to positively and learn to crave in their daily life.”

“Students grew because the program reinforces what the schools attempt to teach daily such as Respect with listening, following directions, and being responsible.”

“Your teaching team makes learning contagious!”

– Fall 2010


Parent Chaperone Quotes

“I wasn’t expecting the kids to be so engaged all of the time.  The Camp Willson team did a great job keeping the kids occupied during unstructured times.  They also did a fabulous job coordinating events and starting on time.”

“I was very impressed with the “family style” meal and the variety of food which to choose. I loved how the students learned first hand about recycling, reusing, and food waste.”

– Fall 2009

Student Quotes and Letters

Dear Naturalists,

“Thank you for a fun learning experience. Your hard work has changed the way I feel and sense things. You inspired me to respect the great-outdoors and spend more time in the wilderness. I appreciate your time you take to teach us. I’ll be back next summer!!!!”

“Thank you so much for the wonderful classes that you taught me! I had the best time at camp! It was the greatest experience of my life! I loved all my classes. I had so much fun in them! I would love to come back to camp and if I ever do, I hope to see you all there again. Even though it rained on Tuesday, that didn’t spoil my week! I still had so much fun! Again, thank you so much naturalists for making those 3 days one of the best of my life!”

“Thank you so much for letting us come to Camp Willson…it was the best camp I’ve ever been to. I thought that it was pretty creative to have “piggy waste” for the food you don’t eat on your plate. I really liked the rock wall and team challenge and also instincts. Those were my favorite classes. I thought that all of you naturalists were fun and creative. This camp inspired me to become a new person. I learned a ton and really had fun. Thank you so much!”

“Camp Willson is an awesome place because it was a very special experience to me. You all were very funny after meals. I could not stop laughing. I really liked it when we went down to the lake and looked for littler creatures under the rocks. I really liked the wall. It was a first time I climbed a wall. Camp was a memory I will never forget.”

– Fall 2010 Students



St. Patrick School

Dear Camp Willson Staff,

“Thank you for allowing me to come to Camp Willson. The food was amazing. My mom and I were talking about everything to our family at home. My little sister said she can not wait until she gets to go to the best place ever…”

“…I liked the area on the property. I think you have a very good organized program. I loved the horses…Thank you for the good time I had.”

“…Thank you for teaching me new things. I really like the spaghetti and meatballs. They were really good. Also the applebites were delicious! I don’t usually comment that way. The gaga pit was awesome. I’ll empty my pool and use it for gaga. Oh, don’t worry, I only told my parents…I had a great time at Camp Willson.”

“Thank you for allowing me to come to Camp Willson. I think you guys were funny. In my opinion I think you also set a good example for everyone. Some time I might come to work at Camp Willson. I loved all the activities we did together. Your food was really, really, really good.”

– Happy Campers Fall 2009

Dear Camp Willson Naturalists,

“Thank you for making my school year special. I hope we come next year instead of Washington D.C. I loved all the songs and skits!”

“I want to thank you for all your hard work, and effort for trying to make this so much fun for us. I loved the camp. This was one of the best field trips I have ever gone to. Thanks a lot, it was so cool. The giant swing was awesome, the skits were funny. The food was great. You guys are awesome. I will miss you guys, and Camp Willson!!”

“Thank you for having us. I had a lot of fun. I learned so much over those three days. It was a great opportunity to get to know the new students in the class. The three days we were here taught me not to waste food and to do your part. Thank you for letting us come!”

“Thank you for all the time and effort you put into all the classes and activities. I enjoyed all of the skits and songs. I also learned a lot in all of the classes. The food was great and all of you were kind and caring to us. I will always remember Camp Willson.”

– Fall 2009 Students


Dear Camp Willson Staff,

“I had so much fun! If I had to choose to either go to Cedar Point, or Camp, I would go to Camp Willson… “

“Outdoor Ed is the most fun I’ve had since Disney World. Only without my parents and no Mickey Mouse…”

“I absaloty loved the camp and the staff was wonderful and polite too. My favorite thing at camp was the horse back riding. I have always wanted to ride a horse and you made that possible. It was like being on a car exsept it had a head and the head moved. My horse was Tee, it knew what to do so that helped. I also liked holding turtles too. I also always wanted to hold a turtle. Plus the food was so delices there I didn’t want to stop eating. So you guys made some of my dreams come true and you also run a wonderful camp, I hope I get to go back. “

“…Your camp is and will always be fun and a great place. If I had to pick one thing for my least favorite I wouldn’t be able to. Every class was fun and educational. I really learned alot.”

“…I really liked having a bombfire too because I got to make my hotdog just the way I liked it. P.S. I had a great time!”

– Fall 2008 Students




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  1. Posted by fatoumata soumare on May 14, 2010 at 10:50 pm

    hi my name is fatoumata soumare i came to camp willson on 11/11/2009 and it was very fun i realy wish i can come back their and stay for 2 more week’s bye.


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