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Session 8 – Cabin Cornstalk

Halfway through the week the cabin is still going strong. All the campers are great characters and are great fun! The guys have really been enjoying their activities, from fishing to archery, Gaga to survival skills.

The boys in Create and Design camp are having just as much fun. Between them, they have created many works of art, including a small sculpted cup and a marionette stuffed animal.

We are all very excited for our cookout tonight, where we will cook on an open fire.

Yesterday, we all tackled our fears of heights on the Giant Swing. The horses wandered over from the Ranch to cheer the boys on! 



Session 8 – Cabin Ottawa

The week just keeps getting better and better. On Monday, after swim checks, we played Gaga, where we discovered that Danielle and Mia M. are masters–they beat all the boys!

In the evening, we had a massive Color Wars battle, which involved a lot of laughter, screaming and … whipped cream! Katie was coated in the stuff.

On Tuesday morning, the Wranglers went for their second session. Alyssa is riding Ranger, Sophia is on Thunder, and Mia S. has Dixie.

Ashley got the chance to hold a lot of different critters in her ‘Animals’ activity. Morgan has also been using clay and paper mache in ‘Sculpture’. At Open Swim, Noga retook her swim check, and this time, she passed! We were all happy for her, because now she can come on the Water Trampoline with us today.

We all spent the evening doing different things. Some went to Arts and Crafts. Some played Gaga. Some went to the Climbing Wall. This morning, Lexi and Gina went to the yoga early risers, which they loved!

We’re halfway through the week, and beginning to feel like a little family. Let’s just hope the rain stays away!

Session 8 – Cabin Tarhe

We are half way through the week and Tarhe is having a blast!

Aaron and Zaden are having a fantastic time in Create and Design, and have made loads of awesome crafts so far! Daniel is dominating the Gaga Pit. Carson is becoming a pro in Target Sports. Good job, guys!

Nick has been learning about living outdoors, and may turn out to be the next Bear Grylls. Brendon can now survive in the Canadian Wilderness, with all his survival practice. Austin F. has been enjoying outdoor cooking, when he’s not up at the Barn with the other Wranglers.

Christian and Austin S. have been catching loads of fish in their fishing activity, and David has made great progress in his swimming class. 

Aidan has been having a blast with all his activities.

It’s been a great week so far. Tonight we have our cookout, and we are all so excited for it!

Session 8 – Cabin 5 TEENation

So far, the week has been great! The girls are really getting along well, and enjoying being together in the cabin.

Tuesday was fun-filled! In the morning, Ayla, Fredaye, Kirsten, Lauren and Madison had a lot of fun on the Climbing Wall. In the afternoon, they went boating. Tuesday night was the best night so far. All the Teen Programs gathered together for a messy evening program. Kristina, and some of the other campers, put shaving cream on her head and shoulders, and the other campers took turns to try to get cheese puffs to stay in place. Lily, Steph and Claire loved the pudding toss. At the end of the night, we headed to the lake for a spot of night swimming, to get rinsed off.

Tonight will be a lot of fun, as TEENation heads out to Dairy Queen, after our cookout.

Session 8 – Cabin Massas

Greetings from Cabin Massas!

We are having a great time here at Camp Willson. Granted, being in the lead for Color Wars helps.

We played a game of Capture the Flag with our neighbors, Tarhe, who are on the Green Team. Tyler showed some great sportsmanship. After we won, he commiserated with the Tarhe boys, and thanked them for a good game.

AJ is enjoying his time at the Sports Field, playing English Sports. Aiden is really enjoying his horse lessons, and Marley is having a blast at Wranglers! Jack M and Jack P are having a lot of fun together in Target Sports. Adam has been cruising the lake in a Funyak. Travis made a great brat in Outdoor Cooking. Sean and Patrick are doing sport every chance they get. They love playing Gaga. Joe has been getting wet, playing water games with Ben.

The guys are really looking forward to our cookout tonight. We are having a great week, and there’s still a lot more fun to be had!

Session 8 – Cabin 6 TEENation

Monday evening, we played team building games with a parachute. They we had three rounds of Capture the Flag. After that, we joined on the camp-wide Color Wars whipped cream fight. Then we washed off with a quick night swim.

We started Tuesday with a competitive early morning game of Gaga. Then we headed to the Waterfront for kayak races and last-man-standing. As the day progressed, we played some games involving pudding, shaving cream, paint and flour. Let’s just say it was a messy night, full of laughter, screams, running and sliding. What better way to end a night like that, than with a Slip ‘n’ Slide!

On Wednesday, we joined the rest of camp for some energizing yoga. After breakfast we headed to the Pamper Pole and Giant Swing. Today has been amazing!

Rebekah has been talking with everyone, and giving them all High Tens! Kendra (A.K.A. Skittles) has been enjoying the process of making lanyards, and shooting flu-flu arrows in archery. Cassondra has really gotten in to all of the activities. Samantha has been joyfully happy with her new friends, making sure that everyone is on time to all of the activities. Michelle has really enjoyed the evening programs. Nia enjoyed rock climbing, and was a team player when it came time to put shaving cream on her head and shoulders. Mikayla has been on two horse rides this week.

All is well, and the Blue Team is catching up!


Session 8 – Cabin Chippewa

This week has been awesome!

On Monday evening, we had a huge whipped cream fight, with whipped cream colored to represent each of the teams in Color Wars (red, blue and green).

On Tuesday, we tie-dyed as a cabin, and made some lanyards. Amelia, Camron, Grace, Katelyn, and Megan went on a trail ride, and they loved it! Keegan and Addy enjoyed swimming and boating. Delaney tried her hand on a Funyak, which, she learned, are as fun as they sound! Anna made clay sculptures.

All in all, it has been a great week and we cannot wait for out cookout tonight!