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Session 8 – Cabin Miami

What an awesome couple of days Miami have had! Wednesday night we made a nice fire and cooked some pie iron pizzas and s’mores! Thursday saw lots of fun activities with Finn, Nico, and Mason giving their all at pit sports! Tyler enjoyed some swimming in the lake and Brock had a blast on our canoes! We also took part in nature games and target sports, where the boys enjoyed hitting bulls’ eyes. This morning we did some super cool tie dye, and Brock completed the across the lake swim! We have some more fun activities planned for later on, before our camp cookout and closing campfire. We’ve all done an awesome job so far and don’t want the week to end!


Session 8 – Cabin 1

Cabin 1 has had an awesome last day at camp so far. Natalie, Anzu, Jordan, and Maddie swam across the lake this morning, and Natalie was the first one to finish! Natalie also went to the top of the climbing wall this morning. Destiny took a trail ride in Wranglers today. Bridget and Emily helped set up for the Create and Design show today. All of the girls are excited for the water trampoline and campfire tonight!

Session 8 – Cabin 2

The Blue Ladies are having so much fun, and learning more about each other every second! On Wednesday, we finished the day with a cookout of pie iron pizzas with Cabin 1, followed by delicious s’mores and marshmallows. Now that everyone had lots of sugar, we played games by the Pioneer cabin, such as Eagle Eye (camp’s version of hide-and-seek, where everyone had to keep both eyes on the eagle.) Both Whitney and Deja showed off their crazy skills by winning the game multiple times! After the hike back to main camp, we burned off more of the sugar-energy by having a dance party! Jemauri showed off one of her awesome Cheer dances, before helping the other girls with their dance moves. Thursday, we divided again into our activity groups, and most of the girls had a splash at the waterfront, where Courtney got to show off her balance skills on the water trampoline. For our cabin activity, we joined Ottawa cabin for the giant swing. All of the girls in our cabin pushed their limits and made it to the top of the giant swing! Alexis and Sanaa also used this time to show off their caring skills by cheering ¬†on the other girls. To finish the day, we danced at the Garage Band concert and decorated the dining hall in blue! This morning, we played GaGa with Courtney and Jemauri did across the lake swim. This afternoon, everyone is going to get to play on the water trampoline and go swimming. Tonight, all of us are going to be sad at closing campfire, where we realize how fast we made friends for a lifetime. Thanks for letting your girls share the week with us!

Session 8 – Tarhe

It’s been a fantastic week with Cabin Tarhe, and everyone has done so much in so little time! Carson and Christian both did the across the lake swim, enjoying every moment of it… great work guys! Zaden and Aaron have both been putting the final touched on their art work, ready for their exhibition tomorrow; they have both produced fantastic work. Austin F is looking forward to his trail ride this morning, which is a great way to spend his last day as a Wrangler. Nick has learned to make lanyards this week and has become a pro at them. Austin J has enjoyed all his time at the water trampoline this week and become the number one choice for blobbing people into the water. Daniel has been enjoying all the cabin activities we have done this week, making friends for life in the process! Brendon has been getting into the spirit of color wars all week by representing green with face paint, and chanting “let’s go green team, let’s go!” Finally, David and Aidan have been making up their own games to ass on top of all the fun they are having this week. It has been a fantastic week with Tarhe, and we have all enjoyed color wars. It will soon be time for campfire, reflecting on the week and how much fun we had!

Session 8 – Shawnee

Hello from Shawnee! It’s Friday! We’ve been having a great week and we are excited for our last day. Yesterday was Garage Band Camp’s concert, and Lexi, Kyla, and Lola all danced a lot! We did a lot of fun things Wednesday, like tie-dye! Hailey, Emma R, and Kaitlin made beautiful crafts. This week has been color wars, and the girls have been doing a lot to earn points for the green team. Amiah, Emma P, and Emma G have earned a lot of points! Today Norah swam across the lake! We look forward to a great campfire tonight!

Session 8 – Ottawa

Cabin Ottawa has been having an exciting and busy week! Yesterday, we had activity periods, open swim, and went to the Garage Band concert! The girls also got to go on the giant swing, which they all loved! This morning, Dani, Mia M, and Lexi proved their endurance and completed the across the lake swim! Lexi, Ashley, Gina, Morgan, Katie, Noga, Mia M, and Dani got a chance to tie dye for cabin activity this morning. While they were there, Sophia, Mia S, and Alyssa had their last day at Wranglers. For our last cabin activity, we’re planning on doing some archery this afternoon. The girls are excited for campfire tonight, but are sad that camp is almost over!

Session 8 – Delaware

Cabin Delaware has had da jam-packed and fun-filled couple of days! After arriving on Wednesday, the girls took their swim checks, cooked s’mores over a fire, and learned the Camp Willson famous game GaGa! On Thursday the girls went to 3 activities that they chose. After open swim, the girls all either went horse back riding or went to try their hands at archery. They are all getting along so well, and we are excited for a great Friday to finish out the week!