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the rest of August

The warm weather reminds us of Summer Camp, but we are transitioning into the fall season of Conferences and Outdoor Education.  Recently, we hosted high school marching band camps and a number of University programs from around Ohio whose students are busy preparing for their academic year of leadership. 

We held a beautiful outdoor wedding between rain showers on August 21.  Currently the tradition of Men’s camp has kept the energy of camp going. 

By the end of this week, a number of professional horse staff will complete their riding certifications through the CHA clinic that is utilizing our new barn. 

On Saturday, families will gather for the Labor Day Family Camp.  There will be swimming, climbing wall, horseback riding, and many other choices for all age groups.  This type of 3 day program is available during the holidays of Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, and Thanksgiving weekend.  See the fun for yourself next holiday!


Wapak Band Camp

Every week during the summer we have a guest group that shares camp with us.  This week The Wapakoneta High School Marching Band has been hear preparing  their 2009 show.   Every day starts at 6:30 on the field for practice.  While they have worked hard and enjoyed their first year at Camp Willson, they have also had some fun.   During the recreation time swimming, archery, bb’s, and horseback rides have been enjoyed as well as the usual napping.  Tonight they are going to give a sneak preview performance for their parents and Camp Willson Summer Camp campers.


It’s snowing!  Camp Willson has already seen not only its first snowfall of the season, but this weekend a camper built a snowman in the Commons!  Three sections, but arms and a walking stick, it was expertley and lovingly crafted. 

The weekend of the 15th-16th saw Willson visited by the Ohio Hi-Y Conference, a group of young leaders brought together from all over the state to participate in Youth-In-Government activities.  Their enthusiasm and dedication to the Y were certainly inspirational!  If you are in High School, and would be interested in getting involved with the Hi-Y, check them out online here, or call your local YMCA, and ask about the program. 

We were also visited by the Fishinger and Kenny Church of Christ youth group, who spent the weekend having fun and getting to know each other better in the Birdhouse.  We always enjoy their company, and look forward to having them back!

Willson on Facebook

untitledfacebookIf you haven’t found it yet, Camp Willson has an official Facebook group, and anyone is welcome to take part.  You can find it at the link on the right of this page, or you can click here.

Join, upload, start conversations, meet up with old/long lost friends, whatever you want to do to keep in contact with those people you may see only a couple days a year!  Remember, even though you may love that favorite counselor from last summer, because we want to keep our campers safe, we don’t let them add campers as facebook friends, or meet up with them outside of camp-sponsored activities. 

So, enjoy, reconnect, message, and reminisce about the wonderful Willson-moments you’ve had!

Pumpkin Carving!

This past weekend, we were lucky to have Creature Canyon fathers and daughters visit with us.  They were lucky and enjoyed a weekend of sun and warm during the day, with nice brisk October weather at night.  The dads and girls enjoyed the zip line and their campfire, plus the Bucks winning! 

Great weather, fun activities, and some good memories.  Thanks, Creature Canyon, we look forward to seeing you again soon!