Session 8 – TEENation, Cabin 6

TEENation is wrapping up an incredible week at Camp!

Yesterday, almost the entire program braved the High Ropes, Zipline, or both! We also took a trip to Dairy Queen after dinner.

Our cabin is lanyard-crazy this week!. Ask the girls to show you their beautiful creations!

In addition, Kendra and Sammy chose to accept the challenge of the Ragger’s Program. Sammy received her silver rag, while Kendra now has her brown rag.

After an afternoon in the lake , we’ll close with a grill out, and Closing Campfire. This has been an amazing week, that none of us will soon forget!


Session 8 – Cabin Miami

What an awesome couple of days Miami have had! Wednesday night we made a nice fire and cooked some pie iron pizzas and s’mores! Thursday saw lots of fun activities with Finn, Nico, and Mason giving their all at pit sports! Tyler enjoyed some swimming in the lake and Brock had a blast on our canoes! We also took part in nature games and target sports, where the boys enjoyed hitting bulls’ eyes. This morning we did some super cool tie dye, and Brock completed the across the lake swim! We have some more fun activities planned for later on, before our camp cookout and closing campfire. We’ve all done an awesome job so far and don’t want the week to end!

Session 8 – Wyandot

The girls in Cabin Wyandot have been getting along great and have been having a so much fun together! This morning Asya, Jaelyn, Jasmyne and Maggie all rode their horses for the last time this week. They were sad, but they all said it was a great ride.

Talea made it to the top of the climbing wall this morning, in just under a minute.

Cameron, Kiera and Rebecca spent the morning putting together their beautiful gallery for Create and Design.

Cherece is really looking forward to Open Swim today, where she can jump off the diving board.

Leah and Trisha are both really excited for Giant Swing.

We have had a great week, and hope to see everyone back next summer!

Session 8 – Cornstalk

The cabin has had a great time this week, swinging on Giant Swings, launching off the Water Trampoline, and generally having great time in their various activities. They are really excited for today’s activities, which include archery, the Across the Lake Swim, and Gaga.

They are also working really hard to complete challenges in order to earn points for the Red Team in Color Wars. They have a great team spirit.

Right now, the guys are looking forward to tonight’s Closing Campfire.

Session 8 – Garageband Cabin 8

I can’t believe the week is almost over! Garage Band has been an absolute blast. We had our concert last night and it was so much fun. Tyler sounded great singing “Behind Blue Eyes” and playing the blues on “Sunshine of Your Love.”

Devon got funky on the bass during “Can’t Stop” and “Panic Station.” Cobi really nailed the tempo for the whole set!

We’ll be doing some recording this afternoon, as well as going out on the Water Trampoline with TEENation. Then we have our award ceremony and closing campfire. We can’t wait for our performance tomorrow for our families. 9.30 in the Birdhouse!

Session 8 – Cabin 1

Cabin 1 has had an awesome last day at camp so far. Natalie, Anzu, Jordan, and Maddie swam across the lake this morning, and Natalie was the first one to finish! Natalie also went to the top of the climbing wall this morning. Destiny took a trail ride in Wranglers today. Bridget and Emily helped set up for the Create and Design show today. All of the girls are excited for the water trampoline and campfire tonight!

Session 8 – Massas

Greetings from the Red Team in Cabin Wyandot.

We had an awesome concert last night, from Potato Kakke, the Garageband boys.

Travis and Tyler got to make eggs in a basket in Outdoor Cooking. Marley had lots of fun with Magic in Wranglers.

Adam, Patrick and Sean really enjoyed the Water Trampoline. They did the rope swing, the blob and the log. AJ caught a nice blue gill in Fishing. Ben had a good time at the Gaga Pit. He got himself out in the best possible way, and was a great sport about it. Aidan did well, too, dodging the ball, left and right.

Joe was very brave, and did the Across the Lake Swim with Jack.

Right now, we are building up to our grill out tonight, and closing campfire, which should be a blast!